Frequently Asked Questions

Disgruntled by an Assessment?

An assessable individual being disgruntled by an evaluation to conduct assessment upon him/her, having declined to concur with procedures according to the subsection (3) of section 57 of Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) 1993, may request against the assessment on giving notice as provided in section 61 of this Act that within thirty days after the date of demand notice of the refusal of the tax authority officials to revise the assessment as conceded

Sub-section (3) of section 57 of this Act says?

If a person who has objected to an assessment agrees with the relevant tax authority as to the correct amount of the tax chargeable, the assessment shall be amended accordingly and notice of the tax chargeable shall be served on the person. Provided that, if an applicant for revision under the provision of this subsection fails to agree with the relevant tax authority on the amount of the tax chargeable, the relevant tax authority shall give notice of refusal to amend the assessment as desired by that person and may revise the assessment to such amount as the relevant tax authority may, according to the best of its judgment, determine and give notice of the revised assessment and of the tax payable together with notice of refusal to amend the revised assessment and, where requisite, any reference in this Act to an assessment or to an additional assessment shall be treated as revised under the provisions of this provision.

What is the procedure for making payments to the Ekiti Internal Revenue Service?

All payments is made to the EKITI IRS using electronic generated bill amounts that can be paid on the Public Portal via specified payment gateways and designated banks.

How do I make Payment?

Making payment for all tax categories is possible across all payment Channels e.g. Online payments, Debit Cards, Pay at Bank. Visit the and enter your EKTIN to login. Taxpayer can also access the portal and generate receipts.

My company has been deducting taxes from my salary but has never given me an Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC). What can I do?

The Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC) is issued only after due application by a taxpayer. Kindly request your employer to with the breakdown of payments for individual staff for immediate processing for PAYE.

How can I process the e-TCC cards for the staff of my company?

Each staff of your company would have to complete the e-TCC application form obtainable from the EKITI Internal Revenue Service Tax Stations. Please follow instructions for accompanying forms that are requested by the Board.

I have left my former employment where I was issued an e-TCC, how can I update the certificate now?

Once you have been issued TCC, your future transactions will be tied to your EKTIN (EKITI TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER), to renew your TCC in your new employment, kindly visit your tax station,complete the TCC Renewal Form, attach your EKTIN Certificate of Registration and then submit to your new office. Your Office will submit the documents to the nearest Tax Station for swift processing.

I have previously been paying my taxes till date both in my former and current places of employments and have not been issued with the Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate. What can I do?

The Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC) is issued only after due application by the taxpayer. Kindly register and complete the TCC application form and forward same through your current employers to the Tax Station nearest to you for the immediate processing of your TCC. The renewal of TCC is on a year to year basis.

I am a self-employed individual and I need a tax clearance certificate How do I obtain it?

You can obtain the Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate by firstly completing and submitting the Self-Assessment Form, then filling the TCC form in the portal.

I have forgotten my password; how do I get a new one?

When you open the portal, Use the "Forgot Password" button right under the "Login" landing page, Input your registered email and click on the "Submit", the system generates a new password which is sent to you as an EMAIL. You can also lodge your complaint to your tax station with your EKTIN or call the Help desk.

How can I verify my receipt?

You can also use the QR Code by using the "Receipts" button on the side bar of the portal. NOTE: A fake receipt cannot be validated. Before value is given to any receipt, it must have been validated by an accredited official and there is also an audit trail report of such person.

What measures have you adopted to enhance Taxpayer Assessment?

EKITI IRS has introduced Self-Assessment that enables payers to assess themselves and make such payments ONLINE without delay which ensures an immediate issue of Revenue Receipt for the payment made without any hassle.

How secured is the system? is configured on a safe and secured security protocol to ensure data security and integrity. We also constantly update the systems security protocols based on current systems security networks; this makes it difficult for hackers to penetrate system.

Does the system help in reducing incidences of tax evasion? generates reports that induce taxpayers to fulfil their full tax payment obligations. We generate such reports as Payment Details Reports for paying individuals and companies and Non-Remittance Reports for nonpaying individuals and companies.

How comprehensive is your tax enumeration process?

Tax assessment is strictly Internal Revenue Service responsibility in compliance with appropriate legislation. also monitors the trend of payments of individuals and companies and raise notifications for unusual trends. Also, we have automated some assessment processes.

How do you eliminate the effect of collusion in the tax assessment process?

Through constant activity scanning process of tax payers, we are able to find true tax liability of individuals and companies.

What strategies have you adopted for improving taxpayer's compliance attitude?

We have adopted a multi-modal approach aimed at improving taxpayer's compliance attitude. We highlight the consequences of tax evasion to the State through the enlightenment campaigns. We also utilize intelligence information collected through several media and the audit selection process complements the compliance improvement strategy.

How does keep track of the payment history of taxpayers? portal has the full complement of all payer's database with the help of ERAS (this is an integrating software) which also aids the taxpayers with an 'EKTIN' to view all payment history via the portal and can also generate series of reports for auditing purposes that do not only show the payment history of the taxpayers but also induce them to voluntarily fulfill their tax obligations.

How do you ensure that banks report transactions duly?

Banks that do not comply with the Guidelines on portal,but with the introduction of the Bank SAM card , there is a compulsory mandate that all banks should report all remittances as and when due.

How does the portal ensure that payments are made to appropriate accounts of the Agency?

The tax IPSAS codes for tax stations and all revenue items ensure remittance verification, deterring unauthorized access and provide enhanced transaction reporting.

How long does it take to obtain the Automated Revenue Receipt after it has been printed?

The Automated Revenue Receipts (ARR) is issued immediately after value date of the transactions is done. Once the taxpayers' is registered and has an EKTIN in the portal; the ARR can be printed/downloaded on the portal; free of charge.

Apart from media publicity, do you have a program of direct contact with the taxpayers?

We hold strategic sessions with different segments of the society in which we pass first-hand information on the tax process to the people. For example, we hold periodic meetings with Associations, Trade groups, banks and the Organized Private Sector in order to give them first-hand information on the operations.

Do you have a Help Desk to attend to enquiries?

We maintain a fully operational Help Desk where all enquiries from Taxpayers on our products and services can be directed. We ensure prompt responses to all enquiries. You can direct your enquiries to the helpdesk line.

What is the tax payment procedure?

The tax payment procedure is spelt out in the Guidelines and processes on the portal.